Ben Wakefield, Digital Product Designer - Halifax, UK


An independent fiduciary company based in Malta, providing corporate, financial and yacht registration services.

To meet non-disclosure agreements, information maybe obfuscated. Views written are my own.

ipad homepage

My Role

I was responsible for the initial proposal, planning, research, UX, creative direction and site build / design assets. I worked alongside a senior web developer to deliver the CRM design and integration.


The Challenge

Create a minimal, responsive website, aggregating new business contact information via a simple CRM system.

The Goals

  • Quickly raise the company profile
  • Establish a trusted, heritage tone to the site
  • Capture and convert new business opportunities
The Approach

Mobile First - Progressive Enhancement

With mobile browsing taking increasing market share, the website and content needed to focus well on a wide range of devices. Organic search ranking, improving visibility and widening the sites potential reach were high on the agenda. We took a mobile first Strategy to maximise ROI and employ progressive enhancement for larger screens.

mobile screens
Progressive Enhancement

The Vision

A contemporary design, employing simple, clean imagery, whilst communicating trust and customer service at its core.

Clean, simple imagery

Target Audience

To communicate Imperium Malta as an established provider of expert fiduciary services we needed to determine the target audience. After discussing with the client they were identified to two main groups:


  • Age: 35-70 yrs
  • Sex: Male/Female, split 50/50
  • Social: AB, High net worth £3-5M


  • Age: 30-60 yrs
  • Sex: Male/Female, split 70/30
  • Social: AB, Professional Services, Lawyers, Accountants


Researching Imperium's client base helped us develop Personas which were used to inform the tone and overall website messages.



A simple plan detailing the public website and private CRM navigation. The site would guide the user toward the contacts page to register their interest. This data would then be stored within a simple CRM which we could easily report and develop future functionality as required.



For this project I used Axure to help explore and test wireframe layouts which proved particularly useful for mobile devices, assisting rapid prototyping and allowing me to proof imagery in context.

Axure Wireframing
Axure Wireframing
The Design Solution

CRM Framework

As part of the website plan I had proposed a back-office control panel to harvest contacts data and store the results securely. Working closely with a senior developer we deployed a simple installation of Evolve ERP as our simple CRM framework, to which I tailored a vanilla UI skin.


The Back Office

The Back office itself consisted of two main areas:

  • An access control module allowing Imperium Admin to create and manage users details and
  • A reporting module containing customer details captured from the website contact form

These details could then be periodically exported as required and used for mailing lists and sales leads.

evolve crm
Clean UI dashboard created for the Back-office framework
Desktop screens
The Design Solution

Front end

An important factor creating the site's look and feel was the careful use of imagery. Extensive searches were carried out and a shortlist presented to the client to illustrate and communicate key services.

The final image pack was subsequently employed across promotional communications, presenting a vibrant and consistent brand to the customer.

Prototype and Testing

The site prototype was built predominately with HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery and tested throughout the build process with both legacy and more compliant browsers.

As part of the QA checklist, markup compliance was achieved through W3C validator. CodeKit used to debug, compile and minify JavaScript and CSS3, reducing errors and helping maintain site assets.

Visit the site at

Mobile screens

Brand Management

Toward the end of the project I produced Brand Documentation to encourage consistency for future digital and print collateral. Below shows a section of assets produced.

Brand guidelines created consistency across web and print collateral.